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A loose outlook of where TypeStream is headed.

Short term

  • Language
    • introduce functions and expression statements like:
      • answers=$(cat questions | grep answers); grep $answers 42 > result_42; grep $answers 24 > result_24
  • Commands (these imply supporting more types)
    • find
    • tr
  • Serialization
    • extend support for protobuf
    • Add JSON schema encoding support

Medium term

  • Introduce new sources:
    • pulsar
    • postgresql
  • Introduce naming strategies for: graph nodes, TypeStream apps.

Long term

  • Introduce a job planner.
  • Virtual filesystem
    • Introduce setting for displaying topics with conventions (vs code uses patterns for folders and maybe it's more flexible). It has to be cluster specific.
    • /media filesystem so we can expose data like /media/websocket/server1

Job planner

It would be interesting to have a streaming job planner. Here's an example:

grep topic answer > result # first job
grep topic answer > another.topic # second job

obviously it feels like we can reuse grep topic answer. Can we? If so, the planner would be responsible to answer this question.